The Difficulties

Breaking my habit of biting my nails was not as easy as it may seem. I use to believe that I would never be able to break the habit. There were many times in the past, that I tried to stop but was never successful.

Yes, Bitter Gold really did help me. It was the tools that I needed in order to stop. It helped me overcome my temptation to bite or pick my skin. However when I start to think what really helped me during those times that were the most difficult. It was my mind set, my motivation, the people around me with their beautiful nails. I wanted to be proud of my nails. I did not want to be ashamed of my nails any longer.

When my nails started to grow. That is when it became a bit easier. When I saw my nails looking good, that motivated me even more to stop. I did not want to bite away my beautiful looking nails.

When people ask me, how do I stop biting my nails. I tell them that yes Bitter Gold does help you on your journey. But you also need to be mental prepare for this. How badly do you want nice nails?