Our Mission

To motivate people all over the world to love their real nails and build up their confidence to improve their life.

Bitter Gold

Bitter Gold is a clear nail serum that produces a bitter taste that is long-lasting and tastes so bad, you will not want to bite your nails. Bitter Gold also has Silica and Biotin to strengthen and harden the nail as it grows. This, along with the soothing effects of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, will help heal the dry skin surrounding your nail faster so that you will be less tempted into biting or pulling any further. Additionally, Bitter Gold protects the fingernail from damage and promotes healthy nail growth.

Bitter Gold is rich with all the key ingredients that you need to promote healthy nails, such as, Vitamin E, Silica, Biotin and Aloe Vera.

The Brand

Bitter Gold’s brand is a constant reminder that determination is a powerful motivational tool, and when inspired in the right way, anything is possible. Bitter Gold represents all the strong, confident, and beautiful people around the world that come together to support each other on their nail journey.