Tips on how to Strengthen & Heal your nails

  • File in one direction – using crystal filer – to prevent further breakage.
  • Use certain oils to strengthen your nail – like the oils contained in the Bitter Gold.
  • Use non-alcohol polish remover – this prevents your nail from chipping.
  • Tips on how to Stop Biting your nails

  • Apply a bitter tasting nail serum like Bitter Gold.
  • Get manicures regularly – no one wants to bite perfect looking nails.
  • Replace with good habits – play with the Stress Bracelet that comes
  • FREE with every Bitter Gold purchase.
  • Whenever you have any hanging nail or skin, try to cut it off right away with a nail clipper. This will help you feel less tempted into biting the skin or nail any further. Make sure to use a nail clipper as it will give you a cleaner cut.
  • If your nails chip, file it down to make the nail smooth to resist biting rigid nail edges.
  • Identify your triggers – Whenever you start to bite, try to identify why are you biting and write it down in a journal. Is it due to stress? Anxiety? Boredom? This will help you overcome your habit of biting by fixing the problem at its source.
  • Use a nail strengthener like Bitter Gold - Bitter Gold strengthens and hardens your nails.
  • Stay motivated by taking photos of your nails. Once you see your nails grow, you will be a lot more motivated to keep going.
  • Do not give up! Studies show it normally takes 30 days to create or break a habit!


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